West Multimedia News

Clients can get special pricing on audio production over the next few months, call us for more information on these great deals.

For those embarking on new careers or beefing up their current skills, West Multimedia Productions is now offering lessons in Audio Engineering, Graphic Design and Illustration. Call us for more details.

Many equipment upgrades have been made in the graphics and audio areas over the past year.

This past year many new projects were launched including a revision of the 1980's book Betrayal by Harvey Robbins and Robert Keighton. The new book IF YOU ELECT ME PRESIDENT is an insightful, powerful case study of political betrayal of the public by an aspiring presidential candidate. Bob and Mike West worked on the design and page layout in communication with the client and book vender. A proprietary program was developed by West Sound and Video Productions to search and catalogue all index events.
The book was released in the summer by Lightning Source Publishing in hard and soft cover versions.