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Logo Design

Your logo is your organization's most important element–the base on which much of your material is built.
A good logo reflects well on a company and indicates the seriousness in which you take your business. A poor logo can turn business away.

A unique logo is a key component in the branding of a new and innovative company, it helps to immediately familiarize your product or service to a potential client. At West Multimedia we can create a new logo from scratch or help stylize an existing logo.

We have designed logos for the corporate and high tech industry, the music entertainment industry as well as retail logos. No job is to small or large for us to handle. We also provide information on the registering and trade marking of logos.

Check out our Logos Gallery to see some examples we have created. A good logo should withstand the test of time, reproduce well at all sizes, convert well to black and white and work well in all types of media.

We can also build 3D and animated logos. If you think you would like us to build a logo for you please contact us.