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Multimedia is a technology that allows for the integration of data, sound, animation, graphics and video in a computer environment. Today multimedia allows us to present information in a creative way for presentations, education and entertainment purposes.

Due to the popularity of the internet and the growing high speed delivery of information multimedia is now being presented on the world wide web. We offer multimedia authoring for CD, DVD and the web.

In the initial phase of any multimedia project our team will meet with you and discuss ideas and options that will help
define your overall objectives. We will discuss your target audience, resource needs and schedule for production. We may also show you examples of similar products we have produced.

Here are some of the multimedia services we provide:

Enhanced CDs
Otherwise called 'CD extras' are multi format compact discs that contain both standard audio content and multimedia. These discs will play in a standard audio CD player but put them into a computer CD-ROM drive and a rich range of multimedia content is available including videos, games, artwork, web links, competitions and databases.

More people than ever before have computers in both the home and the workplace, so what better way to get your message across than a CD- ROM or DVD. Combine video, sound, pictures and text in an interactive environment which plays directly from the CD/DVD drive on your computer. We build CD-ROMs and DVDs compatible with both Apple Macintosh and Windows based computers.

CD Business Card
CD-ROM business cards cards are the size and shape of a credit card and use compact disc technology to store up to 100Mb of data on a single card. They play back in a standard computer CD-ROM drive and can contain virtually anything you can put on a CD-ROM including audio, video, images, text and graphics. We can even program them to link into your website and display the latest information, news or prices.